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In return, I have some tips for you. If you are curious about the funny looking designs at the upper-left corner, all the designs follow a common motif. The lush, calligraphic flourishes of theory are set against the rational, geometric forms of praxis, and their combination is expressed in the bra-ket notation of quantum mechanics. A linear functional〈f| (bra) acts on a complex vector |v〉(ket) to create〈f|v〉(bra-ket) Like theory and praxis, the spaces of bra’s and ket’s are dual spaces—both entangled with and separate from each other—destined to recombine in profound ways.

Main | The duality of two single quotes—left and right— a rounded ink dot in the vague shape of an epsilon, and a sans-serif shape suggestive of a p for praxis.

About | Two question marks, with one slightly discombobulated

Tip Jar | A sickle with a flourish, driven through with a hammer

Index (or Archive) | An r and a stylized χ

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